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Hair Treatments

Here at Aaron Russell, we offer a unique variety of bespoke treatments, to ensure that your hair is as healthy and luscious as possible.

Our professionally trained stylists are experts with a brush, and know that every good day starts with good hair. We only use the very best products that are dermatologically approved and kind to your hair.

Our renowned revitalising Olaplex treatments are hugely popular, and are proven to improve the shine, texture and longevity of your hair.

We provide a multitude of colour and styling treatments like:

  • Colour Correction

  • Colour Melt

  • Full Head Foils

  • Freehand Balayage

  • Face Framing

  • Full Head Tint

  • Balayage Maintenance

No matter your decision, our trusted stylists are trained to cater to your needs with luxury and comfort in mind. So if you’re tired of brassy blonde balayages or stray split-ends, check out our full list of treatments and price list here.


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