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Junior stylistAcademy stylistStylistSenior stylist

Ladies stylingSenior stylistStylistAcademy stylistJunior stylist

Cut & blowdry£60.00£40.00£30.00£27.50

Restyle cut & blowdry£65.00£45.00£40.00£35.00

Blowdry long£38.50£33.00£25.00£25.00

Blowdry short£30.00£27.00£24.00£20.00

Hair up£50.00£40.00£40.00£40.00

Cezanne Keratin Blow dry£165.00£165.00£165.00-

Gents stylingSenior stylistStylistAcademy stylistJunior stylist

Cut & blowdry£34.00£26.00--

Girl & boy stylingSenior stylistStylistAcademy stylistJunior stylist

6-11 years (wet cut)--£15.00£15.00

0-5 years (spray and wet cut)--£10.00£10.00

Technical workSenior stylistStylistAcademy stylistJunior stylist

Colour Melt£170.00£150.00£105.00£95.00

Half head colour melt£130.00£120.00£110.00-

Free Hand Balayage£165.00£135.00£75.00£60.00

Light Blonde Balayage£165.00£135.00£75.00£60.00

Red Balayage or Tints£165.00£135.00£75.00£60.00

Face Framing£130.00---

Balayage maintenance£95.00£93.00£50.00£50.00

Scalp Bleach£100.00£100.00£100.00-

Colour correction£200.00£200.00--

Full head foils£115.00£99.00£75.00£60.00

Half head foils£88.00£77.00£45.00£45.00

Full head tints£60.00£60.00£60.00£50.00


Half head foils & semi tint£100.00£99.00£70.00£55.00

Full head foils and semi£150.00£130.00£90.00£75.00

Fashion colour£83.00---


Olaplex hair treatment£30.00£30.00£30.00£30.00

Refresh toner£45.00£45.00£50.00£45.00




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