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Terms and Conditions

Please read all the information, and when you click ok, you are confirming you have read and understood the following.

Please be aware that not all hair is the same, so if you have a picture of hair that is similar to yours, that doesn't mean we can achieve the same results as the before-and-after that you have found.

At the consultation you may be told that your hair will take more than one visit to achieve the look you desire. The other appointments are chargeable services and do not come included in the price of the first visit.

Colour Correction: If your hair is very dark and you would like to go blonde or just lighter than you are, this will result in a warm stage or (to be completely honest) ginger. This is just a stage you will need to go through to get the colour you would like.
Usually, you'll need only one more visit to get through this. This is not us doing anything wrong - it's just science and 90% of the time it's completely unavoidable.
When you embark on this journey with us, you accept this stage and understand the risks involved.
If you agree to this and then go home, and your husband or boyfriend doesn't like it (this happens a lot) then we will have to charge you for any other service you now want, to either go lighter sooner than we advise or go back dark again.

We cannot guarantee exact results (but we will try harder than anyone to get this for you). All hair is different, and colours will react differently to different naturally occurring undertones in your hair, making it impossible to predict exact outcomes.

During a consultation, if you and the stylist agree on a plan of action and proceed, and the stylist does the accepted colour, but you don't like it after, the correction to this will be a chargeable service.
For example, you choose to have balayage and then you decide the root colour does not suit you, this will be a chargeable service to redo, as you and the stylist agreed on the colour at consultation.

Cancellation on the day will result in loss of 100% of your service cost. Failure to not show for your appointment will unfortunately result in the loss of full payment. 

Cancellation of an appointment with less than 24 hours' notice will result in the loss of 50% of your bill. I hope you understand that last minute cancellations often leave us with gaps which we are then unable to fill.
When we are closed there is an answerphone, Facebook and Instagram messages to cancel your appointment.

Toners: They do fade, and if they do within a week we will look after you complimentary, but after that it's chargeable as these toners can wash out if not properly looked after on your end.

Having said all this, no one wants you to have the hair of your dreams more than me :)
And we will work with you to achieve this, but I have to protect the business and my stylists' confidence as these things above have come up, and now I have to make you aware of them.
We're utterly approachable if you don't like something about your hair, and if it's our mistake we will always fix it complimentary, but some of the above are not our mistakes, and we would need to charge to redo these issues.

Thank you for reading

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