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Thick hair price adjustment

I have consulted with my stylists and one thing has come up more than any other.

we have now had to look at what we charge for long thick hair, the amount of colour used on these services far out weighs what we price for in our normal price list.


It is because of this we have had to add a thick hair charge for certain colour services and the reasons why are below.


Long thick hair does take more colour to acheive results, on average 2 or 3 more full tubes of colour can be used.

When you take into account the amount used to take the colour all the way through to the ends and then toning all the hair, this all adds up.

A tube of colour is now £16 so using an extra £48 of colour can cost the business a lot in the space of a year.


So if i cost this out you can see why this decision has had to be taken.

Balayage at £150 minus the vat £120 minus the cost of colour (normally) £32 takes it to £88 

then there are wages to take into account my wage ratio is around 50% of turnover, so thats £60 to come off the £88!

this leaves around £22 profit from a balayage.

I will still have rent, rates and corperation tax to come off that too.

so you can see if a client has very thick hair and the stylist uses another £48 of colour to achieve the results, the profit turns to a loss.

There is also the time to factor in too, these services can take up to anything from 1 to 2 hours longer to acheive the clients goals, when essentaily you are paying for the stylists time this is another reason why we have had to adjust the price.


This is very detailed reason i know but i really want you, the client, to understand why i have had to put a charge of £60 to your bill if you do fall into the long thick hair catagory.

It is a business and i have to operate at profit and not loss, so, im sorry if this effects you but it has to be done im afriad.





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