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Spreading your payments

Paying for your hair can be expensive nowadays,

what with time-consuming techniques and the amount of product used to complete the job.
I do appreciate it can be hard to maintain your hair the way you would like and as often as you want when the bill can be over £200 each time.
I've done the math and its not an option to reduce the price, and now with other salons with far less experience and expertise offering the same services for equal money.
So I've come up with a way of making it easier for you to manage your hair. Maybe stopping some clients from popping into super mops down the road because this month their prices work better for you, and then we have to repair what has happened ( this happens a lot ) But I get it, and I want to do what I can to help.
So the idea is nothing new for so many other things that you would pay for, just not your hair it would seem.

You pay a certain amount each month, and I then add this amount to your account, simple.

So you come into the salon, and you love your hair and the stylist, you pay your bill, as usual, this visit, then you set up the standing order for the following month and pay £40 a month, when you come to settle your bill in 4 months time you have £160 on your account.
Alternatively, you can choose only to spend some of your account money and leave some there.

You can control the standing order from your end to start and stop it as you wish.
I will see your name on the statement and add the amount to your account if your name isn’t there one month then no problem.

there will be bonuses for you to enter this way of paying :)


£40+ a month and you will receive a 15% discount every time.

Paris and Barry are exept from the payemnt sceme


so you can save money on your hair and make it easier on your purse on the day too.

if you would like to know more or set up this payment method, please email consultations@aaron-russell.net