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Wella Colour Master 2018 Over six in-salon days with Wella Training. Wella Perfect Colour Choice. Wella Master Colour Program 2017 Wella Perfect Blow-Dry 2017. DNA Artspace salon creative Feb 2018


Wella Colour Expert 2017

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Senior stylist


Sam is a multi-talented individual who plays a crucial role at Paris Russell Hair Salon as a busy senior stylist and manager. With a flair for hairstyling that is second to none, Sam's skill and passion for the craft are evident in the outstanding results seen on clients' hair. Whether it's creating classic looks or experimenting with the latest trends, Sam's ability to transform hair is truly remarkable.

As a senior stylist, Sam's experience and expertise shine through in every haircut and color application. Clients trust and admire Sam for consistently delivering exceptional results that leave them feeling confident and satisfied. The salon's busy appointment schedule is a testament to the high demand for Sam's services, as clients often request to have their hair styled by Sam personally.

Beyond Sam's exceptional styling skills, it is their warm and amiable personality that truly sets them apart. Sam's caring nature and approachable demeanor create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in the salon. Clients feel at ease during their appointments, knowing they are in the hands of someone who genuinely cares about their needs and preferences.

In addition to being a top-notch stylist, Sam takes on the responsibilities of a manager at the salon. This dual role speaks volumes about Sam's organizational abilities and leadership qualities. As a manager, Sam efficiently oversees the salon's day-to-day operations, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and the staff members are supported.

Sam's colleagues hold them in high regard, and their presence is cherished by the entire team. The combination of exceptional styling skills and managerial prowess makes Sam an integral part of the salon's success. Their willingness to mentor and guide junior stylists further cements their reputation as someone who is not only skilled but also invested in the growth and development of their colleagues.

In summary, Sam is a talented and busy senior stylist and manager at Parsi Russell Hair Salon, loved by both clients and staff. Their outstanding hairstyling abilities, combined with their warm and caring personality, make them a cherished member of the salon's community. Sam's dedication to their craft and their colleagues is a true asset to the salon's success and reputation.




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