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Rush-trained, which is a very good start. Numerous Advanced Colouring Wella days in the salon. DNA Artspace salon creative Feb 2018

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Senior stylist


Freya is a seasoned and brilliant hairdresser, highly regarded for her skills and expertise as a senior stylist. Although she now works only on Thursdays, her impact on the salon and its clients is immeasurable. Freya's decision to work one day a week stems from her passion for travel, an adventurous spirit that has taken her to various corners of the world.


As a hairdresser, Freya's talent knows no bounds. Her years of experience have equipped her with a keen eye for detail and an artistic flair that allows her to create exquisite hairstyles for her clients. From classic cuts to contemporary trends, Freya's work leaves a lasting impression, making her clients feel confident and fabulous.


Beyond her hairstyling prowess, it is Freya's kindness and loyalty that endear her to everyone in the salon. She is known for her warm and approachable demeanor, making both clients and colleagues feel at ease in her presence. Freya's genuine care for the well-being of others fosters a supportive and friendly environment in the salon, where everyone feels valued and appreciated.


Despite working only one day a week, Freya remains an integral and important member of the salon team. Her experience and guidance serve as an inspiration to junior stylists, and her advice is sought after by colleagues seeking to enhance their own skills. Freya's dedication to her craft and her commitment to the success of the salon make her contributions invaluable.


Her love for travel and adventure further exemplifies Freya's zest for life. Exploring new cultures, landscapes, and experiences enriches her perspective, and this global perspective undoubtedly influences her creativity as a hairstylist. Freya's passion for travel is a testament to her pursuit of a well-rounded and fulfilling life, and it is an aspect of her personality that adds depth to her character.


In essence, Freya's presence in the salon is treasured, and her impact reaches far beyond the one day she dedicates to her craft each week. Her brilliance as a hairdresser, combined with her kind and loyal nature, makes her a beloved figure among clients and colleagues alike. Freya's adventurous spirit and dedication to personal growth are qualities that inspire others, making her an exceptional individual and an asset to the salon team.


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