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Why we require an online consultation

I wanted to explain why we need online consultation forms before your colour appointments.

We have had so many appointments where the client says what they want on the phone but, with respect, the client doesn't realise the work that goes into getting the result they want, or, their hair is so thick that they have not been given nearly enough to complete the client's hair to the high standard we strive to achieve.
They turn up for their appointment and the stylist hasn't got enough time to do what the client wants, also, the client doesn't want to now pay the extra that their result will cost to achieve.
This results in the stylist losing commission for the appointment, and, the client feels like we have wasted their time.
The client leaves the salon unhappy and could complain and the stylist is now sitting around complaining to me because of that.

Now take this same scenario, but with an online consultation.

The client takes the 10 mins max it takes to complete the online consultation and the stylist will get that email with the consultation in it. They will look at the 3 pictures of the client's hair provided and then the 3 pictures of the result the client would love to achieve.
With all this information the stylist can make a judgment call on whether the result is even achievable, and if so, how long it will take and give a realistic price of that result if it differs from the price quoted online.
All of this takes place without anyone leaving their house and no one's time is wasted at all.
The work we do in the salon is bespoke and very technical, this information is necessary for a more accurate consultation tailored to your specific needs.

No unhappy clients and no unhappy stylists.

I know this may come across as too much but I'm just trying to make the salon run smoother and I will continue to make changes to the way we do things as and when I see problems in the salon.


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