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New way to pay

I just wanted to explain and put peoples mind at rest with this page.


The new way to pay for your hair is just another unique invention i have created, for you the client.

So last year we had to call you all for a deposit and then chase you all for money the day before your appointment.

This was very time consuming for the girls on the desk and sometimes frustrating for you guys when the call interrupted your day or work!


So i have had a piece of software build that will help everyone and make things so much easier for all involved.

Now when you make your appointment your details will be added to that software; the date and time of your appointment, along with the amount of your bill.

This software will then send you an email with a secure link, this link is to a virtual terminal from our provider and not through our website, Natwest have been totally involved on the build of this software so its totally safe! A lot safer, and secure, then paying over the phone like last year.

The bonus to this new way to pay is that you will have from the day you receive for email up until 24 hours before your appointment to pay the balance in full.

Each time you click that link it will tell you your new balance, so you can chip away at it as many times as you like, until its payed.


This makes paying for your hair totally flexible, unless of course you don’t pay and then you will get a call from us, not before one final reminder email at 9am the day before you appointment.

Im trying my hardest to make things as smooth and also helpful for you, the client, as possible.

I know there are a lot of changes lately and I totally appreciate all your understanding and support.


Thank you all

 Please also see my, spreading your payments, page for another way to pay and receive discount on all your visits.


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