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New ideas

I've been looking at the business, and I think I have found a possible weakness and come up with a couple of ideas that I think will suit all clients new and old.

I will love your feedback on these ideas if you have a minute.

How many of you (our clients) have come in for the first discounted visit and not returned because the price has risen too steeply?
waited for a deal to come up to see us again?

I have seen a trend in the clients responding to our deals, a large percentage have cancelled their last visit or are returning for their second visit.
I have been over all the figures for the previous year (since our prices increased) and I've done the math, and I propose a new way of pricing for the future.

I have found the average price paid for each service, and where that rate is lower than the current full price I will lower the cost of that service.
i.e. Balayage would be £120 instead of £150 with the senior team.

The price for a cut and blow-dry would also come down in line with the average rate paid, sometimes dropping the total bill by £40.

I would then take away the first visit discount and just make it the same price every time you come in.

Therefore giving the loyal customer, a better rate going forward for every visit.


when you come in for that visit, you can opt to go to the monthly payment scheme.
This option allows you to set up a standing order to Aaron Russell for the first of every month; this payment sits on your account until your next visit.
So, for instance, you come in and spend £150 for your first balayage visit, you pay £40 a month standing order, five months later you have £200 on your account so your not having to find another £150 you're in credit and use that.

You're in complete control of the standing order; you can start and stop it whenever you like, and you choose the amount you want to pay.

Whatever goes into my account on the 1st of the month gets transferred to your account in the salon, there is a paper trail for everything so there can be no confusion on who paid what as the statement will prove it all.

this scheme will eliminate a lot of cancellations due to a heavy night the weekend before your appointment and make your hair so much more manageable financially.
Everything we do is direct debit these days so why not your hair, its the one thing you will not do without, I want to make that process more comfortable for you and me too. :)


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