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This page has been set up to outline the plan I have going forward.
I have taken the decision to close on the 21st march 2020, with the government covering 80% of wages i can now safe guard my staff and keep them safe.

What will happen to appointments, deposits, payment scheme money, and how I intend on dealing with the backlog when the salon reopens, and it will reopen, is all set out below.



Your bookings will stay in the system, these appointmemts will be the first contacted when we reopen, or, a week before if we know in adavnce.
when we know an opening date, the people with bookings will be the first to be contacted and offered new appointments, so you're getting the first refusal.
You will also be contacted way before the phones open again to the public, so it's very handy to leave it in the book and not to cancel.


If you have paid a deposit for an appointment that will now be put that on hold, I would leave it on the account so when you do come in again in a few weeks it's still there, and we don't have to ask again.
If you would like the money back, that's not a problem,but, now we are lock down we cant do this at this time.

we will sort this when we can go back into the salon.
We can not transfer it back into your account, as it now in the system at work.


Payment scheme


If you pay into the payment scheme every month, you have choices.
my advice would be to keep paying, if you can, as that money will be handy when we reopen.
You can, of course, cancel the standing order and start it up again when we reopen.

As a valued payment scheme client, you to will be contacted way before the phones open, so you will have access to many appointmets.

all your discounts will still live when we reopen even if you have cancelled your standing order.

We cannot refund ballance's, but, they will all be there when you come back in :).


thank you for all your continued support adn stay safe out there.


See you very soon i hope 



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